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Stage Costumes - Studio Costume


To complete the comprehensive Fritz Wunderlich collection, the committee of the Fritz Wunderlich Society approached several theatres in 1986 and 1987, for stage costumes in which Fritz Wunderlich had appeared either to have on permanent loan or to purchase.

(Photo: Costume 1)


Written requests were sent to the following theatres:

  • Württembergisches Staatstheater Stuttgart (08.01.1987)
  • Bayerische Staatsoper München (06.01.1987)
  • Deutsche Oper Berlin (08.01.1987)
  • Staatsoper Hamburg (09.02.1987)
  • Österreichischer Bundestheaterverband Wien (11.11.1986)

(Photo: Costume 2)


The Württembergische Staatstheater and the Österreichischer Bunderestheaterverband generously loaned several costumes.

Frau Ingrid Bock, at the time an active member of the Society, negotiated with Frau Professor Schlesinger of the Austrian State Theatre Company for the Vienna costumes. As a result they offered three costumes from Vienna.
(Photo: Costume 3)


Frau Bock also negotiated the Stuttgart costumes.

Correspondence was conducted firstly by the chairman Landrat Gustav Adolf Held and also the assistant Chairperson Frau Ilse Hinkelmann.
(Photo: Costume 4)


The Vienna costumes were received on 15.12.1986 and the Stuttgart costumes on 02.02.1987. Since then the exhibits have augmented the Society's collection.
(Photo: Costume 5) 


At the end of 2004 the society had again the oppertunity to buy a costume. Fritz wore this costumed during the televisonrecordings of Smetana’s “Verkaufte Braut” in Januari 1966. A recording by the “Sender Freies Berlin”. During this recording he played the role of Hans
(Photo: Costume 6, Piece Evidence, Magazine "Hörzu")


Listing of the various costume accessories in separate parts


Costume 1
Vienna City Opera "Die Zauberflöte" (Tamino), 23.09.1965

  • Top with sash
  • Cummerbund and train
  • Pants


Costume 2
Württembergische City Opera "Der Wildschütz" (Baron Krohntal), 15.03.1958

  • Black cap
  • Jacket with neckwear
  • White jodhpurs



Costume 3
Vienna City Opera "Don Giovanni" (Don Ottavio), 22.06.1963

  • Top with cloak



Costume 4
Vienna City Opera "Don Giovanni" (Don Ottavio), 22.06.1963

  • Top with cloak



Costume 5
Württembergische City Opera "Die Entführung" (Belmonte), 05.12.1965

  • Jacket
  • Waistcoat with neckwear



Costume 6
Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) "Die verkaufte braut" (Hans) January

  • Blouse with Embroidery
  • Hungarian felt waistcoat