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First impuls

We can read the first suggestion of the Fritz Wunderlich biography in the minutes of the first General Meeting of the Fritz Wunderlich Association on 26.09.1987 as follows:

"The suggestion to work on a book about Fritz Wunderlich had a positive response from all members. After a short discussion a committee was put in place in order to work on the project. The committee has the mission to sight the existing material, work on a concept and to prove the financial viability."


In the Fritz Wunderlich Association Council meeting minutes of 7th March 1988 we can read:

"To find out if there is interest in publishing a Fritz Wunderlich book, several publishers should be contacted".


Further development

Then a dozen well known publishers were contacted.The renowned publisher, Schweizer Verlagshaus AG Zürich, experienced in the music book area, immediately had the preference of the Council and in February 1989 the personal contacts were made.

Certainly the Wunderlich family had been informed about the project by the Fritz Wunderlich Association.(Photo on the left: Fritz Wunderlich Biography (hard cover) Schweizer Verlagshaus, Zürich, 1990, -417 Pages-ISBN 3-7263-6612-1)



The Fritz Wunderlich Association as well as the Swiss publisher after the first informal discussions shared the same view, that the project will only be successful with the full consent and support of the Wunderlich family.

At the beginning of October, 1989 the Wunderlich family and Schweizer Verlagshaus reached agreement. The publisher suggested the author Dr Werner Pfister. (Photo on the left: Fritz Wunderlich Biography (paperback) Piper München / Schott, Mainz, 1993. -416 Pages-ISBN 3-492-18309-3, -Piper- / ISBN 3-7975-8309-7, -Schott-)


Dr Werner Pfister

Werner Pfister, born 1950 in Zürich, studied German philology and Musicology at the Zürich University and graduated in 1979 with his thesis for his doctorate on Hugo von Hofmannsthal. He works as a writer and musicpublicist.(Photo on the left: Werner Pfister/ Photographer: Chr. E. Riess)


Official Launch

In Munich, the biography was presented at the Prinzregententheater on the anniversary of his death.
(Photo on the left: Süddeutsche Zeitung 09.1990, München)


The official launch of the biography was held in Kusel on the 26th September 1990, the 60th birthday of the legendary tenor.

(Photo on the left: Die Rheinpfalz 28.09.1990 Westricher Rundschau, Kusel)