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In 1929 The bandmaster, Paul Wunderlich with his wife Anna and 11 year old daughter Marianne came to Kusel. Their new address was Trierer Straße Nr. 27.

From now on they called the pub "Emrichs Bräustübl" (Photo), with integrated Central-Kino (Cinema) and a flat upstairs, home.




In the early morning of September 26th 1930, father of Fritz Wunderlich had hung out a sign for everyone to read. "Emrichs Bräustübl" (Photo)

Fritzchen has arrived today
Pub Closed!


Because of the danger that the building is going to fall apart, the cinema business had to be suspended in February, 1931. The Wunderlich family did not have the resources to organise the ordered renovations themselves. The economic crisis was felt even here. The income of the pub went down and the money for the rent could not be found. The family got into debt and soon afterwards the furniture got seized. The pub needed to be abandoned in 1933. The pub "Emrichs Bräustübl" in the early thirties (photo).



Photo: Passport of Paul Wunderlich - inside page 2 and 3

The father was born 16th September 1892 in Mühlhausen (Thüringen). He made his living as a cellist in various dance orchestras.

He met his wife Anna Malz, born 11th December 1888 in Kostelwald (Erzgebirge), on Cyprus where he worked as a German bandmaster.

On July 19th 1919 in Landsberg on Warthe (Poland today), daughter Marianne was born.




Photo on the left:
Inside passport , page 1
Photo on the right:
Inside passport, page 4