- Kusel and Fritz -


Parental Grave


On Glanstraße in the direction of Rammelsbach, you will find the cemetery. Both Fritz Wunderlich's parents are buried there.

On the Gravestone is inscribed the following text:

Paul Wunderlich
16.09.1892 - 23.10.1935

Anna Wunderlich
Geb. Malz
11.12.1888 - 29.10.1963


A few weeks after Fritz's 5th Birthday his father took his own life on 23rd October, 1935.

His mother died on 29th October, 1963. The news of her death was not unexpected; nevertheless it was a very sad time. Two years before she had surgery several times in Munich, without success. She was brought to her final rest in Kusel and laid beside her husband.

Two days later Fritz sang in Mozart's Requiem in the Great Hall of the Musikvereins (Music Association) in Vienna.




The Cemetery was founded in 1896. Before that the dead of the city were buried in the cemetery in the Weibergraben (earlier Weihergraben) district. Of all the graves in the cemetery at Weibergraben only the gravestone of the local Minister and Poet, Christian Böhmer still exists.

Christian Böhmer-Weg (road) in Weibergraben, which runs below the former cemetery, keeps the memory of this poet alive.