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Kusel (in general)


The county city Kusel, surrounded by meadows, crops and forests is located at the foot of the great castle ruins "Burg Lichtenberg" at the outskirts of the Nord-Pfälzer Bergland.

Kusel has been burnt down three times, last time in 1794.


The little village, rebuilt in the baroque and classic style, with its picturesque lanes (photo), the old market place, quiet courtyards and the many old facades is still reflecting the atmosphere of former medieval times.

A visit is a must!


The city is the centre of the County with approximately 6,200 inhabitants and might trace its existence back to the nowadays modest Kuselbach (river). Where the name came from is still a mystery. (Photo: The old market place)

Cosla changed in the 15th century to Cuschel, then to Kuschel (1533) and finally Kusel.




Farming was yhe primary proffesion in the past. Nowadays farming has nearly lost its importance for employment. Its place is taken by commerce and service.
(Photo: The arms of Kusel)


Latest figures show that hospitality is on the rise.


Travelling musicians from Kusel and the neighbourhood were once big "exports" of the region. They travelled the world to earn money for their families at home. Today it is recommended to travel to the "land of the musicians" (Kuseler Musikantenland) rather than leaving it. There is much to be explored.
(Photo: The arms of the country city Kusel)


Direction Kusel


The city, which has had since 1347 the rights of a city, is located at the Autobahn (A 62), which swings past Kusel in the south west.

Freeway B420 leads you directly into the city.


City plan of Kusel

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