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Schoolyears 1

Primary school

The Kusel newspaper reported on 5th March 1937:

Kusel - 75 children were accepted into the 1st Grade of Primary School. While there was a 2/3 majority of boys last year, the new acceptance seems equal boys and girls.

There were children of the vintages 1930 and 1931, who from May on were starting the rigours of school for the first time at the Luitpold School.


In the first year the boys were taught by teacher Wilhelm. In the second year Fräulein Margret Hub took over the boys class and she also taught the girls. She was very much loved by the pupils and looked after them even after the class.

The way to school was rarely walked alone. Pupils from the areas of "Hinnergässer" and Hofacker and also the Holler pupils walked in groups to the Luitpold School. Fritz still belonged to the Hinnergässern group where he had previously lived. Before moving recently to the Holler area he had lived at Schwebelstraße 13, in a little rented house next to the workshop of locksmith Kuhn.


In 1940, the third year of school Fritz Wunderlich's class had the teachers Willi Wünsch and Fritz Weintz. The involvement of the children into the political system didn't exclude Kusel. Music wasn't a subject at the time at the Luitpold School, but teacher Wünsch organised the so called "Singschar" (choir) in co-ordination with the marching band. The organisation had an almost military character. Fritz was part of it and he also sang with the "Singschar". Rehearsals took place at the Luitpold School. So they prepared parades in the region. First they rehearsed, then on arrival after first organising their quarters, they marched. After the performance they stayed overnight and then marched back to Kusel.


On the last primary school class, Fritz Wunderlich attended their teacher was Gustav Henkel, who had come out of retirement. He was a teacher who demanded a lot from his pupils. Nearly every day they wrote essays and dictations. Nevertheless the strict and disciplined work under him was an outstanding preparation for those who wanted to attend the Progymnasium (High School) from grade 5 on.


His fellow pupils from the four primary school years didn't report a striking musical talent of Fritz Wunderlich yet. Certainly he was musical, early on he had access to music and instrument but the other pupils had that too. Dekan Cassel, the teacher for religion asked him to sing every now and then because he was able to sing so well. With Fritz he had until he died a friendly relationship and great comradeship.


The Luitpold School with the big classrooms, the central heating and the showers in the cellar was ideal as a depot for the soldiers. So one day Fritz Wunderlich's classroom was confiscated. The class was moved into rooms of the ladies school at the Landschaftstraße.*

* From : Die Luitpoldschule in Kusel
Geschichte und Geschichten - Ein Lesebuch

Published by Verein zur Förderung der Grundschule Kusel e.V.
Kusel 1998