- Kusel and Fritz -


To Move House


In 1933 the family left the pub and they moved to a little rented house at Schwebelstraße 13 (Photo), next to the Kuhn locksmith's workshop.

The new house was not far away from the Trierer Straße. The Wunderlichs spent three years in this little house.


Change of House 2


The national Socialist War Victim Association had released the property in the Holler region for small houses for settlers to be built. Already by the end of 1934 twenty of these houses were nearly finished. In 1935 to 1936 sixty more were completed.

Those who had been injured in the war had the prior right to buy the houses. Paul Wunderlich had been severely injured during W.W.I through a bullet to his stomach. Day and night he had to wear bandages. He hence purchased a property but did not see the house being built. He died on 23rd October 1935. Fritz Wunderlich's mother had to care for the family on her own, not an easy task during these tough times.


In March 1936 the house was completed and the family was able to move to a new home at Hollerstaße 9. The sister of Fritz, Marianne married one year later and left home. Now mother and son lived by themselves in the little Holler house.


In the beginning of October 1950 acceptance tests were taken at the government music high school in Freiburg. Fritz passed and the term started at the end of October, so he had to find accommodation in Freiburg. He found a room with a piano in the heart of the old town at Rempartstraße 3.


The mother lived alone in the house in the Holler district until she died on 29th October 1963.

Fritz remained a regular "guest".