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Memorial Concert 1990

Two Memorial Concerts

On Friday 28th September 1990 at 8pm the first of the two memorial concerts to commemorate Fritz Wunderlich's 60th Birthday was held in the Zehntscheune at the Lichtenburg Castle.
(Zehntscheune is the building where farmers in former times were required to deposit as a tax, one tenth of their produce for the residents in the castle)

Peter Köppen, Baritone and Marlott Persijn-Vautz, Piano.

Ludwig van Beethoven
"An die ferne Geliebte"
Robert Schumann

Second Memorial Concert

Took place on 30th September 1990 At 8pm at the Fritz Wunderlich Hall

(Photo: Newspaper article)


Juliana Albrecht Soprano
Eeva Tenkanen-Erlich Soprano
Maria Pawlus-Dudaa Alto
Volker Bengl Tenor

Otto Daubner

George-Emil Crasnaru Bass
Bartholomew Berzonsky Piano
Edith Hofmann-Valencienne Moderator