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Memorial Concert 1996

The memorial Concert with Herman Prey was on the 14.09.1996 in the Fritz Wunderlich Hall.
The concert was organised by the Südwestfunk (Radio station), The County of Kusel
and the Fritz Wunderlich Society to commemorate the 30th anniversary
of the death of the tenor Fritz Wunderlich.

Artists were:


before interval

Herman Prey , Baritone
(Radio Orchestra)
Michael Luig,
after the interval



Ovations at the end of the concert were graciously accepted.



After the concert there was a genial gathering in the Zehntscheune at the Lichtenburg Castle (Zehntscheune is the building where farmers in former times were required to deposit as a tax, one tenth of their produce for the residents in the castle).

Frau Ilse Hinkelmann, Chairwoman at the time, of the Fritz Wunderlich Society addresses the guests with a few words and thanks to Kammersänger Hermann Prey for his magnificent concert.
(Photo: Frau Ilse Hinkelmann)

  After her speech Frau Hinkelmann presents a photograph to Hermann Prey on behalf of the Fritz Wunderlich Society.
(Photo: Frau Ilse Hinkelmann and Kammersänger Hermann Prey)
  Hermann Prey expressed his heartfelt thanks. He was very pleased with the photograph of Fritz Wunderlich and had not seen the photograph before.
(Photo: Herman Prey)
  In between performances, a fast but concentrated look at the Rheinpfalz (local paper) which featured articles about Fritz Wunderlich on the same day.
(Photo: Herman Prey)

Photographs: Joachim Siebert, Oberschliesstein, Germany