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Memorial Concert 2000

This memorial Concert was on the 16.09.2000 in the Fritz Wunderlich Hall. The concert was organised by the Fritz-Wunderlich Gesellschaft to commemorate Fritz Wunderlich's 70th Birthday.
(Photo: Marietta Petkova)

The artist was :

  Marietta Petkova, Piano   »Program« 

Marietta Petkova was born in 1968 in Rousse, Bulgaria. Graduating in 1986 with the school's Gold Medal at the local conservatory.

She continued her study at the Music Academy Sofia, at the Musik Hochschule in Vienna with Paul Badura-Skoda, in Amsterdam with Jan Wijn and in Switzerland with György Sebök.
(Photo: Marietta Petkova)


Marietta Petkova was only 10 years old when she won the Grand Prix of the 1978 National Piano Competition in Bulgaria. Further prizes followed in: Italy, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands:

Marietta Petkova performs all over Europe, in North America and in Japan, especially with solorecitals but also in chamber music and as a soloist with orchestras.

She released several albums, radiorecordings and televisionrecordings. Today she lives in The Netherlands
(Photo: Review, Die Rheinpfalz, 18.09.2000)

Marietta Petkova's Website: www.mariettapetkova.com