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Memorial Stone


At the entrance to the Winterhelle forest stands a memorial stone in honour of Fritz Wunderlich.

On Friday afternoon on 17th September 1976 at 15.00pm, the Memorial Stone for the tenth anniversary of the death of Fritz Wunderlich was unveiled in a simple ceremony.

The proposal to erect this stone came from the Kusel Tourist Association and they funded the project. The stone came from the Rammelsbach quarry and has in bronze lettering just the name Fritz Wunderlich and his dates:

Fritz Wunderlich
26. September 1930
17. September 1966



Around 250 townspeople, friends and admirers of Fritz Wunderlich gathered together on this afternoon at the Kuseler Winterhelle, (forest area in Kusel) a place where he loved to hunt, to commemorate him.

The Mayor Bernhard Jäger, in his speech welcomed Eva Wunderlich, the widow of the singer, his daughter Constanze and his sister Marianne Decker accompanied by her husband.

Ten years of mourning had still not diminished the feeling of loss of Fritz Wunderlich. "Over the years it has become clear that the music world lost one of its 'greats' ", said Mayor Jäger. He thanked the Tourist Association for their initiative and said that through this Memorial Stone we now have the means to preserve the name and works of Fritz Wunderlich for future generations.


Horst Jansen of the Tourist Association unveiled the Memorial Stone with the words: "This beautiful stone at this place signifies for all residents of Kusel, friends and admirers of the great singer a worthy, lasting memory".

Chairman of the County Council Gustav Adolf Held underlined, in his eulogy, the close connection between the singer and his birthplace and the universal admiration in which he was held. He remembered Wunderlich with the words, "The whole world becomes still[c39]

when his voice sounds, he who lived here amongst us and who indeed rose like a star over us."

The short ceremony at the Winterhelle was then enveloped by the worthy tones of the trombones of the Kusel Music Association.




Photo on the left:
Memorial Stone
Photo on the right:
Another view at the Winterhelle entrance