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Fritz Wunderlich Hall

Great Hall / City Function Centre

The hall was constructed and built as a great hall and city function centre and located next to the school at Roßberg.



The great hall and city function centre was completed in 1985. The opening took place on Monday 1st July 1985 at 10.00am.
The hall was a co-operative project by the City, County and State. The State Rheinland-Pfalz also shared the costs for this project.
The successful completion of this project is due to the influence of Landrat Gustav Adolf Held.


Change of Name

The suggestion was made by Kurt Theiß, the County Mayor at the time, during a general meeting of the Fritz Wunderlich Society in September 1987 and was enthusiastically supported by the members present. Between September 1987 and March 1988 the great hall was renamed Fritz Wunderlich Hall.



About 600 seats are arranged like an amphitheatre. This arrangement creates close contact between stage and the audience. The stage allows enough space for large orchestras and large choirs. An organ makes this hall complete. In addition there are artists' change rooms and a spacious foyer..


Program in the Fritz Wunderlich Hall

The season is approximately from October to June. There are various concerts, from chamber music to jazz, from operetta and orchestral band music to rock concerts. Some special occasions are musical performances and the annual charity concert.


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