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F-W-Medal 1970


In 1970, the Kreissparkasse Kusel organised a medal to be struck to commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the death of Fritz Wunderlich. The medal was made at Heraeus Edelmetalle GmdH in Hanau.


Portrait after an original photograph held by the Fritz Wunderlich Society, Kusel


The old Kusel marketplace.
In the foreground the famous Hat makers' fountain. The Evangelical City Church and Catholic Church in the background.

Release: September 1970
Diameter: 40 mm
Weightt: 30 g
Alloy: Fine silver
Edition: 1000 struck

More Details

On Saturday 26th September 1970 at the opening of the memorial exhibition in the foyer of the Kreissparkasse Kusel, (local bank), Director Müller presented the first medals to Frau Eva Wunderlich and her three children, Constanze, Wolfgang and Barbara. (Photo: Press Release)


Portrait after an original photograph.
The engraving by famous artists in that field at the time.
(Photo: Face)

  The medal was produced in a limited edition.
(Photo: Reverse)