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Kusel Town Hall


The old Town Hall on the market place was originally built as a school house in 1891. Upon the completion of the Luitpold School in 1912, the building on the market place became the Town Hall. In 1981 the Town Hall was enlarged and renovated. The entire scheme was completed in September 1984. The original façade of the old Town Hall has been preserved.


Town Hall Bell Tower

The old Town Hall has another feature, namely a Bell Tower. It is built on either side of the middle window over the main entrance.

The 18 bronze bells of the automatic bells are tuned together with the notes "g", "a", "h" rising to "d", and have a collective weight of 276.5 kg.


Sound Town Hall-bells
(low speed)

The bells can also be rung via a keyboard in the Town Hall. The number of bells makes it possible for over 200 tunes to be played. Townspeople of Kusel have the opportunity, on the initiative of the newspaper "Die Rheinpfalz", to discuss the collection of melodies.

A special feature of the repertoire of tunes is the song with words and music by Fritz Wunderlich: "Mein Kusel in der Pfalz"


Sound Town Hall-bells
(high speed)

This song is played every day at 12.20pm.

On July 11th and 12th, 1984 the bell tower was installed at the Town Hall and on 2nd September officially commissioned. The bells were cast by the Dutch bell foundry Petit & Fritsen. The control mechanism was supplied by the firm G. Korfhage GmbH & Co of Melle-Buer.




Photo on the left:
Town Hall Kusel
Photo on the right:
Town Hall-Bells