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Fritz Wunderlich Walking Track


F-W Walking Track

"Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust" German Folk Song
In the series of the Saar-Lor-Lux Cultural walking tracks, founded by the Saar Forest Association and the Saarländischen Rundfunk (Radio Station), the Fritz Wunderlich cultural walking track is the 3rd cultural walking track leading through the St. Wendel region. There is the well known saying that music and trails have a uniting effect. That is why the track was named after this famous singer who was always so devoted to his homeland.

The walking track connects the village of Freisen located in the north eastern part of the State of Saarland and the city of Kusel in Rheinlandpfalz.


Official Opening of the walking track

F-W-Walking Track

On the last Sunday in June 1993 the Mayor of Freisen, Vinzenz Becker welcomed several hundred hikers, who had gathered at the Town Hall to walk the whole track. After the first stage of the walk, St Wendel County Chairman Franz Joseph Schumann officially opened the walking track on the top of the valley bridge in Oberkirchen.

The track starts at the Freisen Town Hall, proceeds to the top of the Thalbrücke (valley bridge), Oberkirchen and leads past the Schwarzerden Railway Station to the Burg Lichtenburg and then to Kusel. An impressive distance of about 24 km.