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In 1979 the Kreissparkasse Kusel organised the production of a Kusel pewter cup. The pewter cup was cast by Zinn-Becher GmbH, Filderstadt-Bonlanden.

Release: December 1979
Diameter top: 62 mm
Diameter bottom: 40 mm
Weight: 150 g
Alloy: 95% tin
Edition: 500 Pieces



1. Motif
Portrait after an original photograph today owned by the Fritz Wunderlich Society, Kusel.




2. Motif
The old market place. The famous Hat makers' fountain in the foreground. The Evangelical City Church and Town Hall in the background.


3. Motif
A view of the Lichtenberg castle from the East.



The purity of the Pewter ware is of utmost importance, the utensils should be usable without any risks. The 95% tin guaranties food standard and is far above that required by law. The "Zinn-Becker" stamp on the bottom guaranties that.


An artist has to work up to 300 hours on a cast form to create the motif in detail by hand and with a small chisel as a relief negative and in reverse.
(photo: 1. Motif)



With the help of a very large magnifying glass the artist is able to create the tiniest forms. An artistic performance of excellence is the basis of such a special "Zinn-Becker", a "work of art".
(photo: 2. Motif)


The engraving of the utensil is a very important quality symbol for the pewter collector. The enlarged copy of the "Zinn-Becker-Gravur" shows you the quality of high grade precision engraving.
(photo: 3. Motif)