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Tuesday, 26-07-2016

The Birth House of Fritz Wunderlich


In 1929, band leader Paul Wunderlich, his wife Anna and their 11 year old daughter Marianne moved to Kusel,Trierer Straße 27, where they called the inn „Emrich’s Bräustübl“ with an adjoining cinema and the upstairs apartment  their new home.

In February 1931, the cinema had to be closed as it did not meet modern  standards. Unfortunately, the Wunderlich family could not  afford to pay for the necessary renovations due to the ongoing economic crisis. The inn was also less profitable thus,  the family was not able to pay the lease anymore. Due to this situation, their debts began to grow. As a result , their furniture were seized shortly after and inevitably, the inn was closed in 1933.

Today the building has been modernized and is used as an apartment and an office building. A bronze plate next to the entrance indicates Fritz Wunderlich’s residence.